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Join our esteemed Giving Clubs – Quill, Gavel, and Wickersham – and help to preserve the world's largest legal collection of resources for future generations.  

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Ready to learn the law?  Members of Congress and the public alike are free to access world-class legal materials, history, resources, and more.

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Partner with us in activities, programs, award galas, international exchanges, and dialogue with today's top legal minds.   Consider sponsoring our programs.

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Nominate or attend our award ceremonies, honoring the greats.  Learn more about the Blackstone and Wickersham Awards.

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Help us save rare books and other materials dating from the 14th Century.  And help the Law Library add a second rare book vault to its walls.

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Young lawyers.  Students.  Enthusiasts.  Follow us in supporting the Law Library, and spread the word about this world-class institution of law.  



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Visit the Law Library of Congress – on Capitol Hill or at Law.Gov.  And discover the largest law library in the world.   The Law Library Reading Room and computer lounge is open to the public in the James Madison Building (Room LM-242).

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