Supporting the world's greatest legal institution

The Friends of the Law Library of Congress collaborates with partners around the globe to ensure the world's greatest legal resource remains in perpetuity.


In the Law Library's rare book vaults, you will find exquisite and extraordinary gems dating from the 14th Century.  In events, lectures, concerts, educational programs, and receptions, you will meet with today's most critical legal issues and top contributors to the rule of law. 


Our Friends are lawyers and lawmakers, curators, scholars, business owners, diplomats, celebrities, activists, and others like you interested in preserving and promoting the largest legal collection in the world, the U.S. Law Library of Congress.


We invite you to join us; we look forward to calling you a Friend.

Welcome Friends


The Law Library is the world's center for law and legal issues -- engaging the brightest luminaries and unlocking the largest collection of legal resources for generations. Join us in supporting the activites and people of this important institution.


Gifts & Treasures


A rare book donation in someone's name is a beautiful gift never to be forgotten.  The Law Library has over 25,000 books and bound manuscripts in its vaults. Unique and fascinating, we invite you to tour our vaults and add your name to this special collection.


Preserving Legal History

With approximately 2.65 million volumes, the Law Library’s collection of primary and secondary sources constitutes the largest legal collection in the world. The collection is also the most comprehensive, covering all of the approximately 260 jurisdictions as well as many former nations and colonies.


Rare books are some of the Law Library's most precious treasures.   Read more.

Celebrating Legal Luminaries

Each year, the Friends honor and engage a wide array of legal cotributors worldwide. 


In the 2011 Wickersham Award ceremony, William C. Burton partnered with the Friends and the Law Library to honor Justice John Paul Stevens in a reception on Capitol Hill. For his contributions, Mr. Burton was presented with a distinguished Blackstone Award, named in honor of jurist Sir William Blackstone.


Learn more about the Wickersham Award.

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